Susan & Colin Ellsworth of Flatlands Olive Oil

making olive oil with lively & unique flavors, a love for our earth, and lots of heart.

flatlands olive oil_11.JPG

Flatlands Olive Oil is based in Winters, CA on a beautiful, biodiverse farm owned by Mike and Dianne Madison. Susan & Colin lease a myriad of olive trees from them - they're currently working with 16 different varietals! Mike and Dianne have been farming the land for over 30 years and have been important mentors to Susan & Colin teaching them the art of olive oil production, the importance of ecological farming, and sharing vital resources with them; which are all critical and unique experiences to have as young farmers. Susan & Colin are farming 100% organic and irrigating very minimally. Their olive groves are surrounded by native plants, food crops, and an abundance of wildlife. You walk are their property and its no wonder why they're olive oil tastes the way it does.

This olive oil is fresh and lively with flavors you wouldn't imagine. As we were tasting through the olive oils with Susan, it was remarkably easy to differentiate between the different olive varietals. Some were spicier than others, some more creamy/buttery, one had a cinnamon component, others were sort of herbaceous. There is nothing basic about this olive oil. Everything is done by hand from picking the olives to handwriting the varietal information on each label. The olive oil is truly a work of art. You gotta get yourself some!