Hi! I'm Lorren Butterwick. I believe food and wine have the innate ability to tell stories, connect people, and make us all pretty damn happy. I am slightly obsessed with cheese, might have arugula in my teeth, could bathe in a soft boiled egg, love a glass of good {natural} wine, and feel most at home surrounded by trees. And my idea of the perfect weekend involves at least one farm visit. 

WHY? My former and forever inspiring boss, Doug Tompkins, used to use the phrase 'production as a means of conservation' when talking about farmland and that idea always stuck with me. There are so many farmers and makers who are doing just that - they are saving our land while feeding us. Farmers are the cornerstones of our food system and our communities. Without them we don't have food and we cannot break bread with our neighbors. I started The Fareground to provide a place where people can deepen their connection to food, farmers, and their community. 

WHAT? Our farmers and makers are artists and some of the hardest workers I know. Their stories are inspiring and their work is, well, delicious. At The Fareground, we want to celebrate and honor these peeps for everything they do. Also, in this age of technology and thumb communication, connecting with people face-to-face and having inspiring conversations is something we need to foster. And where better to do this than around a dinner table? In the same vein, I started to realize our retail experience is moving more and more towards a quick and dirty online to-do. As much as I don't want to admit it, we need to buy things, especially food. The Fareground is a place where people can feel good, excited, and knowledgeable about the products they're buying. 


Our brilliant chef Juliet Orbach. Juliet believes in the power of food; its power to bring community together, to nourish, and to heal. Her past culinary experiences include time at Bom Dia (SF) and Sqirl (LA), and she is currently the full-time chef at Réveille Cafe. Juliet is also in the midst of becoming a doula with the ultimate goal of becoming a midwife. This path was inspired by recent intimate experiences with birth and realizing the raw power of the female body and disappearance of the human ego during birth. She found deep inspiration and a way to cultivate her quest to nourish community, which she has always achieved through her food.

Her food comes from her soul and is inspired by her Iranian roots. All of her culinary creations are truly one of a kind with vibrant flavors, fresh herbs, perfectly balanced flavors, and nourishing qualities. Juliet believes in supporting local farmers and makers and sources all of her ingredients for the Fareground dinners directly from farmers. You can find her perusing the Berkeley farmers markets every Tuesday and Thursday. 

You can often see Juliet in a Canadian tuxedo with a beaming smile on her face.